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Dig Deep and Live Well

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Dig Deep and Live Well is a subscription based, guided meditation service dedicated to helping men and women of all ages live more centered and balanced lives.  Too often, we run on autopilot, navigating our busy lives without truly attending to the richness of each task, each moment, each day.  Time passes us by and we miss so much of our lives this way.  Meditation is an amazing tool that not only helps us to be physically and emotionally healthier, but it helps us to learn to attend to all the beautiful and fulfilling parts of life.  It helps us to find calm, peace, and enjoyment in even mundane tasks.  Dig Deep and Live Well offers information, material, and guidance to help make meditation a part of your life.  It offers support through messaging with a licensed therapist and certified meditation instructor.  It offers community and the tools you need to connect with yourself on a much deeper and more meaningful level.  

Dig Deep and Live Well

These Services are included with your subscription

Guided Meditation

Guided meditation audios led by a certified meditation instructor uploaded regularly for listening as often as you want.

Expand your knowledge

Weekly posts discussing important meditation and mental health topics.

Messaging with a Licensed Therapist

The ability to message and receive responses from a licensed therapist related to all things mental health and meditation.  


A warm community of individuals seeking similar support and growth.  Discussion topics and support groups mediated by a Licensed therapist.